Managed PCI DSS

Compliance Made Clear and Secure.


In the dynamic world of fintech, time is of the essence. Some regulatory authorities mandate PCI DSS compliance before you can even begin production, and every moment spent navigating the intricacies of compliance is a moment away from innovation and growth. Zerosploit understands this urgency.

Our specialized Managed PCI-DSS service is not just comprehensive; it's expedited. We've streamlined the process, integrating essential technologies, people, processes, policies, continuous monitoring tools, regular scans, assessments, penetration testing, and VA ASV, all tailored for the unique needs of fintech startups and agile organizations.

With our expertise, many of our clients achieve compliance in record time, unlocking their potential to operate, innovate, and scale. This isn't just about ticking off a regulatory box; it's a powerful business enabler. While competitors may be entangled in compliance complexities, you'll be ready to launch, having turned a potential hurdle into a competitive advantage.


Comprehensive PCI-DSS assessment.

Gap analysis and remediation planning.

Secure payment processing infrastructure setup.

Regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Encryption and tokenization solutions.

Detailed logging and monitoring.

Assistance with the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).


Enhanced trust from customers and partners.

Reduced risk of financial data breaches.

Access to PCI-DSS experts for guidance


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